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21 jewels

  1. Should I buy it or not? Seiko 5 from the 80's

    Dear SCWF users. This is my first post here in the forum, although it is not the first time I've been here visiting. I will soon buy one or 2 Seiko watches (one of them is a new one, and the other one I will need your help). The thing is that I've seen on a website a user selling one Seiko 5...
  2. Seiko 6119 8450 / 8500R Glass type?

    Seiko Reviews
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, but have been collecting older Seiko's for a couple of years now. I picked up a Seiko 5 Sport 21 jewel (6115-85450 - but it says 8500R on the face) which has a very interesting glass. I have searched the internet and have not really found any other examples...