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General Information

The conveyor belt has existed for about a hundred years. It is believed that the leather strap was originally used by soldiers in the Second World War.

The soldiers tied belts to pocket watches[hemsut] so that they could use their time often. Later, wearing watches was considered very feminine. Watches were so delicate that pocket watches became popular until companies like Rolex introduced gorgeous men's watches made from leather straps.

Today, the leather watchband industry is very large. Your options are almost endless, including calfskin, crocodile, and other reptile leather, ostrich leather, and even artificial leather[go here].

Many leather watchband manufacturers refer to these "skins" as bread and butter. LUX cooperates with many belt manufacturers in Europe, the United States, and even Asia to jointly develop a belt that meets your needs. As one of the largest and well-known belt manufacturers, hemsut specializes in belts. Their luxury options are reasonably priced and based on higher standards


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