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Conversation Between SeikoPsycho2 and Kenny6139
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  1. Kenny6139
    09-20-2018 04:52 AM - permalink
    Hi Tom, I'm not sure if I'm doing the PM's to you the proper way so I'm trying it this way to see if you get it. I decided I'm ready to send the 6139 to you so we can get the ball rolling on my repair job. The last message you sent me was explaining about the stem gear. Mine is missing on my watch so that's another item I'll need. Here's what I think I need, Crystal, stem, crown, stem gear, pushers, gasket set. So if I can get your address I'll get it in the mail to you asap.

  2. SeikoPsycho2
    09-16-2018 08:31 AM - permalink
    Hi Kenny,
    After you've made 5 posts you can send a regular PM which is easier for me to track and keep up with. I'd be happy to take a look at you watch to see what it needs. I do have the parts on hand that yours is missing but I'll warn you ahead of time the crown + stem parts can be a bit pricey.
    Regards, Tom
  3. Kenny6139
    09-15-2018 07:00 PM - permalink
    I forgot to mention that I'd like to get the proper bracelet for the watch also as I'm using a generic one.
  4. Kenny6139
    09-15-2018 06:59 PM - permalink
    Hi Tom, I was referred to you by other members on my post about my 6139-6005. I hope you will be able to help me out.
    The watch has been in a box for many years and I dug it out the other day and decided I'd like to get her back in shape to be a daily wearer.
    It's missing the crown, and the 2 pushers and I'd also like to get a new crystal for it. I'm guessing I'll need a new stem as it doesn't have any threads on the end.
    I'd be thrilled if you could help me out with it assuming you're not too busy and the price is out of my league.
    Please let me know what you think. Looking forward to chatting with you about this old classic. I tool a photo of it that's on my hard drive but can't figure out how to post it.

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