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Reference Articles, FAQ, and Model Guides

  1. Grand Seiko SBGR253
  2. Seiko Prospex Padi "Samurai" (SRPB99K1, SRPB99J1, SBDY011)
  3. Vintage Watch Market
  4. made in china
  5. Seiko 6309-729X with an orange dial??
  6. The History of Seiko Through 12 Milestone Seiko Watches
  7. History of the Quartz Watch Revolution
  8. Seiko date
  9. Seiko 5 7009-3101 year?
  10. First production date/year for Seiko SNK 803/805/807
  11. Help find coil or whole innards for c. 1981 Citizen quartz Railfroad model?
  12. NATO/G1098 Watch strap Defence Standard
  13. Stainless steel grades.
  14. Seiko landmaster south pole, write-up by Petew
  15. Kinematic analysis of auto winding and generation.
  16. JCIS screw information
  17. Magazine article- The tuning fork watch & Moon phase watches
  18. Seiko 6309-7039 info?
  19. NAWCC Japanese military timepieces of WWII
  20. fake or original, please help
  21. Dead parrot.
  22. replating
  23. demagnetizing a Kinetic watch that has a battery,
  24. Finding dates for two Seikos
  25. cant find small submariner homage
  26. sourcing a new crystal
  27. contacting another member of this forum
  28. Any info on 7T32-968J
  29. Seiko S820-6000 Ski-Thermo
  30. Complete newbie need help
  31. Citizen BL8007-55L Surface
  32. Seiko 8T23 technical paper
  33. 1964 Seiko Olympics - Time Spec No. 18
  34. Japanese Watch Marketing 1950's 60's - Time Spec No. 18
  35. Engineering Time: inventing the electronic wristwatch
  36. Citizen Diver's Depth meter patent.
  37. Seiko AGS Technical paper
  38. hexagonal moonphase seiko 5
  39. Is this 6138-8020 for real
  40. Kakume hands advice?
  41. How to spot a fake SKX
  42. How to determine if a Seiko is fake?
  43. A general checklist to help evaluate vintage timepieces being sold online.
  44. LumiNova ( Lumibrite) lume datasheets
  45. Seiko watch patents
  46. ASTRON GPS "Book"
  47. Orient 300m Saturation Divers (2006-2011)
  48. Seiko Instruments Tourbillon movement patent pdf
  49. Difference Between the Seiko 7S2x and 7S3x caliber - THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER...
  50. How ány accurate clock works.
  51. The Seiko solid state quartz renaissance; the SDGA001 EPD matrix E-ink
  52. Diashock and Diafix
  53. Seiko instruments SPRON product catalogue 2010/2011
  54. Patents pertaining to Spring Drive and Related Technologies
  55. Vintage Citizen Chrono Masters - Part 2
  56. Vintage Citizen Chrono Masters - Part 1
  57. Atomic clocks at the limits of timing accuracy (links)
  59. More time synchronization signal information (links)
  60. List/pictures of all Citizen Calibre 2100 Chronograph models
  61. List of Blogs and Review Sites
  63. Vintage Citizen Production Dates
  64. Seiko watch production date calculator
  65. Time synchronization signal ranges. (link)
  66. Citizen USA E-Mail Address
  67. Eco-Zilla Case Difference
  68. External access to regulation screw on Seiko 5246 and 5626
  69. SEIKO Railroad Approved Pocket Watches / Seiko 6110-0010 Railroad Pocket Watch
  70. Links To Recommended Watch Repair Experts, Mod Gurus and Parts Sources...
  71. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6139-600x CHRONOGRAPH - A Collector's Buying Guide
  72. Collector's Guide To All the Seiko Monster Variants (Incl. Night & Trek Monster
  73. HOW TO BUY SEIKO´S FIRST DIVER - 6217-800x "62MAS" - A Collector's Buying Guide
  74. Side By side Comparo's of Some Popular Divers...
  75. Nicknames of Popular Seiko's
  77. Collector's Guide To All the seiko 7S26-0020/9 Diver Variants (SKX007 & it's si
  78. How A Kinetic Watch Works
  79. Seiko Logo dictionary
  80. Seiko Branding Dictionary
  81. Seiko Divers Wave
  82. What is Lumibrite Exactly...
  83. Differences Between SKX007K and SKX007J Explained...
  84. A concise history of Seiko Professional dive watches
  85. The Seiko (Tuna & Shrouded Divers) Crystal Guide:
  86. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6309 DIVER - A Collector's Buying Guide
  87. THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY - Insights Into Crystal Variances and Construction
  88. Seiko In the Movies...
  89. Settling The Great Crystal Debate. Sapphire Vs. Hardlex...
  90. Seiko Quartz Caliber Power Consumption & Battery Technical Guide
  91. Review of Yobokies' Anvil Bracelet....
  92. A Look into Seiko Kinetic watch Technology
  93. U.S. Navy Decompression Tables & Procedures
  94. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko "Atlas" Variants...
  95. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko's Shrouded ("Tuna") Divers...
  96. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 7002 DIVER - A Collector's Buying Guide
  97. The History of Grand Seiko - By Seiya Kobayashi
  98. Collector's Guide To All the Different Seiko Marine Masters Diver Models & Vari
  99. Collector's Guide To All the Different Citizen Nighthawk Variants...
  100. The 20 Official US Seiko Company Stores...
  101. A Journey in Time : The Remarkable Story of Seiko (Seiko's official History Book
  102. Seiko LCD watches information sites...
  103. Collector's Guide To All The Different Alba Manta Ray Diver Variants...
  104. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko Italian Chronograph Variants...
  105. TIPS: How Tell Original Seiko Parts VS. Reproduction Parts
  106. Water Resistance - Myth VS Reality...
  107. What Does Seiko 5 Stand For?
  108. Collector's Guide To All the Seiko "Knight" Diver Variants...
  109. Comprehensive list of specifications for Seiko Dive watches
  110. Difference Between "Water Proof" & "Water Resist"...
  111. Comparing the 6309-704X to the 6306-700x Divers
  112. Collector's Guide To Seiko "Rally" Sport Divers...
  113. A Brief History Of The Citizen Watch Company...
  114. Text of ISO 6425/1996 Minimum Standards For Dive Watches...
  115. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6138-0040/0049 "BULLHEAD" CHRONOGRAPH - A Collector's Buying
  116. Seiko Analog Quartz Table with Pictures
  117. A little info on 6106 Sport Divers...
  118. Seiko Sumo vs. Marine Master vs. SD 600 Picture Comparo...
  119. COSC Vs. Grand Seiko Chronometer Standards - A Comparison