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vynster 11-09-2019 04:32 AM

Ah that's good to hear, onwards and upwards eh ? :grin:

Originally Posted by Kuckles (Post 2848049)
Getting alot better Vyn I've just started driving again after getting the ok from the doctor. It's more like having diving boots on now [emoji16]

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Kuckles 11-09-2019 05:01 AM


Originally Posted by TheNeilo1 (Post 2847815)
John Sir I Thank You.New? Nooooo had it Years Mate[emoji12]

And One day I’m going to buy your Sammie or at least send you a new Bezel for it Mate,I Love that Colour Sammie[emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji355]️

Thanks Neil but I see it like the comfy shoes you have that let water in but you just won't part with them [emoji23]
It was mint when I gave it to my son then he gave it back when he bought an argos special. Memo to myself don't give son any more watches [emoji404][emoji16] Have a great weekend mate.

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Wimm 11-10-2019 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by TheNeilo1 (Post 2847855)
Wimm Sir Very Nice 👍 Smiths always reminds me of the Dashboard Clocks in my Fathers Vintage 1968 Triumph Vitesse Car👏👏👏⌚️

Thank you Sir, it is probably my favourite in the collection. I know exactly what you mean about the car, I had the good fortune to own a 1964 Vitesse 6 for a few years. I loved it. It was the first time I had owned anything with more than four cylinders. It was so smooth. Shame about the rust.

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