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geoffq 04-10-2019 05:29 AM

Astronomical Watch: “Casio Cosmic Phase”

Been awhile since I posted a resto or resto mod. So there will be a few coming to this site!

A few years ago I picked up a new old stock plastic version of this watch. Too bad Casio made so many plated pot steel and plastic versions leaving out the stainless choice. Watches such as the CFX-40 / 400 or the CFX-20 / 200 in plastic and chrome plated pot steel. Not many of these watch cases survive unscathed and yet these exceptional modules seem to. You would think the CFx versions would have gotten a stainless steel version.

Well I finally got a hold of a Stainless Steel Cosmo Phase 830) which I intend to wear so I did a restomod on it for my wrist! The mod part is the case finishing, I wanted to show off the stainless steel so I mixed up the pitted and scarred case with polished and flat steel surfaces. Also the labels which are silk screened on to two semicircular aluminum plates had the writing worn off. I removed them exposing the flat steel finish which contrasts nicely with the gloss polished highlights.

So removed the module, crystal and crystal gasket, pusher circlips, pushers and pusher springs. Ultrasonically cleaned all case parts except the dial. I replaced the six pusher gaskets as well as the case gasket. The module was in excellent shape with no corrosion or battery leakage or jeweller scratches. The price was right due to the sandblasted crystal and the scarred case.

Here we go:


Case back:

Module removed with case parts showing. Note the four springs, pushers, circling and six o-ring gaskets. I was wondering with the odd number of o-rings whether someone was in the case before me. I THINK this was factory, any one else taken one of these apart. The two lower pushers require two o-rings for the pusher to seat correctly (flush) inside the case. The two upper pushers do not require two o-rings to accomplish this. Longer springs would correct this but as you can see the springs are all the same length.

The module (absolutely in perfect shape):

Case and case back refinished:

Some shots:

To see the functions on this watch; here is a link to a copy of the manual:

Cheers, Geoff

ivorbiggin 04-13-2019 05:37 PM

That turned out very nicely, well done.
Though im not a fan of digi watch's i do like the "cosmo phase" display. Is that a functional display or is it static?

geoffq 04-13-2019 06:15 PM

Google YouTube Casio cosmic phase.

Very animated, the setting now is showing the planets location in orbit around the sun based on the date and time as set.

Other functions animate the planets such as stop watch (24hr), timer (also 24hr), 5 alarms, solar eclipse dates past and future, Halley’s comment past and future, time display as depicted but also a mode which displays the planet location but also randomly moves the planets every second and a mode which will move the planets based on the date and allows you to change the date to past and future very rapidly.

Yes a very animated watch!

See this video:

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