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Default Orient Mako II CEM75002D Review

Authored by lan61t
I just found about Orient recently, and this watch has probably been reviewed a million times, and if you are still unsure about this watch, you definitely need to take the plunge.

I met the owner of the AD in Jakarta, and he gave e a very good price. So here it is the group shot. Walked there alone but I walked out with 5 Orient watches, 3 Blue Mako II, 1 Black Mako II, 1 Blue Mako I, and 1 Blue Mako I is not on the pic. After this shot, my brother in law bought 3 more pieces, 2 in blue and 1 in black.

So hereís the pic of Blue Mako II - Three Musketeer

One of the reason I decided to take the blue one, because I do not have a blue dial watch Ė a simple as that, secondly I found the dial is very unique, thereís some kind of reflection that shows different hue of blue depending on the angle and the lighting condition.
I think the print on the dial is very very good, sharp and crisp, cant really tell with naked eye, but with mag glass, you can definitely see it. The print is so smooth and even, along with the very well made logo on the dial.
The markers really compliment the case of the shape, you can see a strong resemblance with Omega Planet Ocean.
The dial on the Black Mako II is not 100% black, thereís a tint of gray and the dial is a bit matte.

Dial : 10 / 10
Three Musketeer joined by the Black Mako II

Comparison Shot between the blue and the black. My friend n my brother in law can't decide between the blue and the black, so each of them took both color :P

Honestly, I donít really fancy the hands, I found it a bit too busy. It is definitely unique and well made. Very detail and smooth as well.

Hands : Design : 7 / 10, Quality 10 / 10

60 clicks counter clockwise. Firm, Smooth and Steady with thick and large crown. I found the crown design similar with Planet Ocean with Dark Navy Blue color that looks different according to lighting condition.

Bezel : 9 / 10

I havenít found any information about the glass whether itís a Saphire or Mineral, but the AR looks pretty good from different angle, however it still reflects sun rays, so Iím not sure about the quality of the AR, most probably one sided AR? Anyone care to add more info?

Glass : 6 / 10

The size of the case is another point that I like from this watch, compare to Mako I, this is a huge watch, 46mm in size. I always got a soft spot for big watch.
The case finishing is a combination of Polish and Satin finishing. Thereís no tsharp edges, and you can tell that itís a good quality case.

Case : 9 / 10
Comparison shot with Ticino 47mm

For me, itís a bit hard to unscrew or screw down the crown, as the crown guard protect the crown, most probably because the main function of this watch as a diving watch, that can go until 200m.

The pusher on top act as a quick day change.

Corwn : 8 / 10

Clasp & Bracelet
Mako II that I got, already supplied with Bracelet with Orient Clasp. Another resemblance with Rolex bracelet but larger in size. Im not a big fans of Bracelet strap, so the bracelet has changed into a black croc strap with white stitch since this photo.

The clasp is nicely design, especially on the logo, you can see the detail on the logo with different finishing. Itís a bit hard for the first time to open or close the safety clasp, but itís getting better after a while

Clasp : 7 / 10
Bracelet : 8 / 10

Iím not sure about the movement, i assume it's a Japanese Automatic movement. I managed to crack open the case back and took a photo of it. Itís non hacking movement, and I know I should do this, but when I move back the watch, the second hand also move back.

The power reserve is quite long probably almost 42hours

Movement : 8 / 10

One of the aspect that I donít really like with this watch is the lume. The lume is not that good, and doesnít last that long. As you can see from the photo the lume is a bit uneven. This is quite disappointing for a Diver watch, especially for 200m capability, compare to itís bigger brother the 300m Orient Star the lume in Mako II is very disappointing. I wouldnít recommend using this for diving during night time or even going hunting with it, hehehe.

Lume : 6 / 10

This is also an important factors that three of us bought these watch. For that kind of quality that I mentioned above, the tag price for this watch is outstanding. I got quite a big discount from the owner.

Price : Special Price : 10 / 10, Normal Price 7 / 10


When you look at the design, you can tell there were influences a lot by Omega Planet Ocean with a combination Rolex DeepSea SD. Personally Iím in love with this watch. Compare to Orient Mako I, the Mako II look more Masculine, and the Build quality feel much better. Itís definitely heavier thatn the Mako I as well. So for the quality to price ratio, overall I consider Orient Mako II a Bang for Your Bucks. This is definitely not going to be my last Orient.

Overall Score : Blue Mako 8 / 10, Black Mako 8 / 10


More Pics

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Default Re: Orient Mako II CEM75002D Review

Authored by moeharri


List Price: $250
Purchase Price: $125
Dial Color: Blue
Case: Stainless Steel
Crystal: Mineral
Bezel: 60 clicks uni-directional
Back: Stainless Steel
Hacks: Sort of
Handwinds: No
Lume: Yes
Water Resistance: 20 Bar (600 feet)
Bracelet Micro Adjustments: 3
Purchased: July 2009
Purchased From: Orientwatchusa.com


Width: 44.55 mm
With Crown: 47.35 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm, untapered
Height (lug to lug): 51.50 mm
Thickness: 13.20 mm


Truthfully, I wouldn't have ever considered buying a watch this large, due to my small wrist size. However, Orient's VIP discount earlier this month (50% off) allowed me to stray outside my comfort zone with less of a financial worry. Since I already had a black Mako, I decided to go with the blue Hogrider (nickname backstory [color=#000000]here) this time, since it gets rave reviews from Mako owners.

QUALITY (fit, crystal, lume, bracelet)

Holding the nice Orient presentation box in hand, I could tell this was a "beefy" watch. Upon opening the box, I fell in love all over again with the dial after having viewed forum member Hogrider's pictures [color=#000000]here repeatedly. Orient has a real knack for creating breathtaking dials. I thought my black Mako's dial looked awesome when I purchased it, but I like this one even more. I simply cannot get over how awesome this dial looks! The hour markers look awesome and I like the outlined date window.

The crown is NOT signed, an odd omission since the Mako's crown is signed. The day pusher is much smaller than the Mako's--I definitely prefer this smaller day pusher.

The bracelet is typical Orient fare, nice and solid, and an overall feeling of quality. It may not be the best bracelet ever created, but I've come to learn that at this price point, it is at or above all competition. It has 3 micro adjustments, which I like, but I wouldn't turn down a 4th micro adjustment. On the wrist, it feels like a very SOLID watch. This watch is as large as I'd ever (now) consider purchasing and has opened me up to a new variety of watches with less fear of them overwhelming me.

The bezel is a dream to turn. It is buttery smooth and feels very reassuring. This was (and continues to be) my number one complaint about the Mako whose bezel is very stiff and is an obvious quality control issue. I may have gotten unlucky with my Mako's bezel, but that is forgiven due to the Hogrider's awesome bezel!

The movement in this watch (the same as the Mako I believe) looks so smooth, it seems as if it is an 8 beat per second movement. While this watch doesn't officially hack, I noticed that when setting the time, if i kept my fingers on the crown, the second hand would stop. I'm not sure if this is typical, and I hope it's not causing any premature wear (?), but it is a nice surprise.

Now onto my biggest negative about this watch. The lume simply isn't up to snuff. The Mako's lume was fairly weak, but the Hogrider's lume appears even weaker. This isn't an important feature to me at all, but I'd still like it to be brighter and much longer lasting. I'm willing to overlook this minor quibble though since lume is fairly unimportant to me.

Hopefully others with a small wrist will not pass this watch up due to its size alone. It wears very nicely and doesn't look too blingy, IMHO. I look forward to looking for future purchases with a broader selection now that I know I can handle a watch this big. The price was simply unbelievable and I feel that I truly got a wonderful deal on this watch.


My unscientific observation is that the watch currently runs about +/- 10 seconds per day--acceptable for an automatic in my opinion.


Beautiful movement
Smooth bezel
Great price/value
Smaller day pusher than Mako


Very weak lume
Crown not signed (Mako's is)


Fit/finish: 9/10
Crystal: 4/5
Dial/Bezel: 5/5
Lume: 2/5
Bracelet/Strap: 4/5
Accuracy: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall (not an average): 9/10


Here is some background information about me. This may help clarify my point of view and what shapes my opinions. If there is anything I can do to help you with more information about the watches in my reviews, if youíd like more photos, etc, please let me know and Iíll try to help.

I am a computer programmer/analyst from a very small town in central Wisconsin. I am a husband and father to two boys, ages 3 and 1. My interests include digital photography (Canon SLRís), watches (Japanese mainly), Apple computers, cars (Japanese and German), and LED flashlights. I am a self-professed perfectionist and appreciate an extreme attention to detail and like to have a sense of value for my money. I believe this is what draws me primarily to Japanese watches. I have written my reviews in an attempt to provide information that I found difficult myself (at least before finding WUS) to obtain. I typically research a new watch purchase for about 20 hours in an attempt to make sure Iím happy with my purchase.


My measurements were all performed with a digital caliper accurate down to .01 mm and rounded to the nearest .05 mm. I believe these to be as accurate of measurements as I have seen anywhere and may differ from official specs and other websites. For reference in the photos, I have approximately a 6.5 inch wrist.

It was a nice day out today, so I thought I'd take a few photos in the sun. This proved more difficult than I had imagined , but it's better than nothing I guess

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Default Oreint collection .... WOW, Great

, All beautie's ..., very very nice, and hope to get some of these also in the future . I especially like the MAKO's look great those.
Well you got a ..... " LOT OF TIME THERE NOW ".
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Love the blue Mako II but can't seem to find it on sale anymore...they haven't discontinued it have they? o_O
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Too bad about the lume..
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Default Great Review

That is a well finished watch, the price not reflective of the workmanship.

Thank you for a great review.

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I have one in order!
Very nice one and beautiful shots!
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Awesome review, just pulled the trigger on the black XL, first Orient, really looking forward to it arriving.
It was a real battle with the blue, decided if i like the black i can get the blue later.
Theres too many cultish reviews about these, i had to check out what the fus is about.
Not worried about the lume, but i am worried about the poor folded end links, hope if i look after them and the watch is in rotation that they will hold up ok ?
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Ungran clock is actually worth more than it costs, I love blue. A very good review thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful watch. Everybody always says the Orient mako and seiko skx007 are the best watches to start out with; now I see why.
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After getting my black xl and being really impressed by it ive ordered the blue, it was hard to find for a good price.
Im guessing the new Mako XL line should be out soon seeings they are just about to release a new mako, exciting times for mako fans.
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My brother got a Mako and is in love with it, maybe I should order one too :P
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The Mako II looks much boxier and sportier than the Mako I, the radiant blue is as appealing as ever, but I miss the red-tipped sweep hand, it's a focal point on the face

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I've just bought a Blue Mako (normal version) and I absolute agree with your rewiew.
This series has great value with good price, absolute number one!
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