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jd1566 11-18-2014 02:22 AM

Citizen Aqualand Promaster (JP1010-00E) - Leaking battery
Hello all,
I have a
Citizen Mens PROMASTER Sport Watch JP1010-00E

that has a leaked battery inside.. It was in there for about a year at least not working and so I'm assuming I've shot the whole watch. Before I take it to a watchmaker to try and fix it, what are other user's experiences with fixing a Quartz watch once the battery has leaked and reached the electronic board inside the watch?

Success rates in repairs?

As I'll have to pay for a clean/repair whether he gets it working or not, I just wanted to know my chances...

Also how critical is it to get the watch depth tested by a Citizen AD? It is such a mission to get this done in South Africa, and the leaking battery issue is actually tied to a bad replacement at the AD (lasted less than a year, is that possible?!).

Thanks for any and all info.

Noddy 11-18-2014 03:55 PM

Success rate probably pretty high if you get the watch into the hands of a real watchmaker not just a mall or kiosk service. Might be better with one of the guys here rather than a high street shop actually. Somebody needs to dismantle the entire movement, neutralize and remove the acid residue, clean everything up and reassemble and test.

the_shovel 11-26-2014 10:20 AM

I had a similar problem with an AY5004 series; battery leaked but new battery made it work, then second hand stopped, sent to citizen and needed a new movement. This watch movement was $112 + battery + gasket + labor + shipping...out the door was $170. I only did it as the watch was cosmetically in great shape.

If you send it back to Citizen, I don't think they'll waive the pressure test, but I don't think it is much added expense either, I think it is part of their labor. Also, if they see evidence of leakage, I would imagine they'd suggest to replace the movement.

I say if the watch (and band) are in great condition externally, it may be worth the money to get it fixed, but it looks like you could replace it with a new one for <$300.

As mentioned above, there folks on this site who work on these, maybe they could help you out.

Good luck!

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