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akable 10-08-2013 08:41 AM

Citizen Catalogs 1990's (Japan)
Here are some Citizen Japanese dealer catalogs from the 90's.

1991 Citizen '91-5 Catalog (130MB)

1992 Citizen '92-1 Catalog (128MB)

1993 Citizen '93-1 Catalog (137MB)

1994 Citizen '94-1 Catalog (154MB)

1995 Citizen '95-1 Catalog (143MB)

1996 Citizen '96-1 Catalog (129MB)

1997 Citizen '97-1 Catalog (103MB)

1998 Citizen '98-1 Catalog (93MB)

1999 Citizen '99-1 Catalog (85MB)


akable 10-08-2013 08:46 AM

Here is a copy of the translated Legend page from the 91-5 catalog but this is applicable to most catalogs from this period.

akable 12-22-2013 08:13 PM

I have updated all of these PDF files with Acrobat's OCR.

This is definitely not perfect and some of the characters detected are not correct but it does allow most (not all) of the text to be selected. Unfortunately there are almost no settings that you can use in Acrobat to improve and control OCR.

This text can then be pasted into Google translate or similar to get a better understanding of the content for non-Japanese readers. You can also manually correct any incorrect characters by typing these in or using the manual writing function within translate.

This is the only difference to the previous versions of the files and all the images are identical.

If you do not want to search or work with the next then there would be no requirement to download these again if you have the previously released versions.

rataplan 08-02-2019 03:30 PM

Hi, many thanks for the Citizen 90's catalogs, they look great! Just wondering if you have the ones from 2000-2008 too?
Kind regards from Belgium!

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